Don’t be so quick to blame fraud victims

Fraud often involves befriending the victim.That does not make it right for someone to take advantage and they usually break a number of sadly poorly enforced but laws that have severe penalties but are  very laxly enforced.A marathon co wis detective wanted to arrest the people that defrauded me my late friend who was a homicide victim he was scammed out of around at least $350,000.00 plus a lot of unpaid labor before the homicide.The so called widow  of less than 2 year marriage collected at least $800,000.00 and probably a lot more.she was named a person of interest no arrests numerous insurance policies where she claimed he told her to sign his name.This involved sale of stock shares ruled to be securities fraud but no arrests were made in a dirt race track monster hall raceway inc of unity,wi.the murder happpened aug 29 or aug 30 arrests.